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Payment terms

You may pay as you wish: by cash or credit card in a cafe or to a delivery guy or on our website. 

If you wish to pay by cashless payment the delivery order, inform the manger about it when the order is carried out. 

Conditions of payments by credit cards is on our website www.avtosushi.ru. 

For payment you'll be directed on the payment getaway of PJSC Sberbank for input your card details. Please, have your card ready in advance. Connection with a payment getaway and information transfer are processing in a protected mode using the file transfer protocol SSL.

In case your bank maintains the technology of the protected processing of the online payment Verified by Visa or MaterCard Secure code for processing a payment you also may need to input a special password. Ways and possibility to get a password for online payment fulfillment you can clarify in your bank. 

Actual website maintains an encryption of 256 bits. Confidentiality of the client information is ensured by PJSC Sberbank of Russia. Input information won't be available to the third parties if there's no exeptions provided by the law. Processing of the payment by credit cards fulfills in strict compliance with payment systems Visa Int. and MasterCard Europe Sprl. requirements.

Method of payment: choosing the way of credit card payment its processing fulfills directly after its arrangement. Finishing arrangement of the order in our shop you'll have to click on "Payment by credit card" and the system redirect you to the page of authorization server, where there will be a requirement to input your card details, initiate its authorization and after that you may return to our shop website clicking "Return to the shop". After returning the system will inform you about the results of authorization. In case of confirmation of authorization your order will be fulfilled automatically according the conditions that you specify. In case of rejection in authorization of a card you may repeat the procedure of payment. Rejection of the order. Paying for the order on the website www.autosushi.ru only the complete cancellation of the order is possible. If the cancellation is taking place in an hour money returns at the same day. In case if the rejection of the order is taking place after more than an hour money returns in a period from 3 up to 30 days from the moment of receiving the application . Receiving and picking up of the products bought by credit card is taking place after confirmation of PJSC Sberbank about the transaction processing. 


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